As shocking as the WikiLeaks documents may be, even more shocking is the U.S. media’s decision to criticize the leaker, as opposed to use the information on America’s behalf.

There are so many pieces to this story, says Dylan.  “One obviously to the reaction to the fact that these documents are being leaked, and ‘should they or shouldn’t they be?’  Then there’s the interesting dynamic of whether the so called fourth estate — the media — who theoretically works on behalf of the truth — is actually benefitting from this new information and then using it to amplify the quality, intensity and pointedness with which it’s able to prosecute our political leaders for everything from the wars to relations and arms deals with Saudi Arabia, or for that matter, a most favored nation trading agreement with a nation like China,” says Dylan.

They discuss the push by the U.S. government to reclassify WikiLeaks as a “terrorist organization,” the fates of Bradley Manning and Julian Assange, and what the media’s reaction to the WikiLeaks release says about them.

Glenn was previously a constitutional law and civil rights litigator in NY who blogs for He is the author of of How Would a Patriot Act?A Tragic Legacy, and most recent book, Great American Hypocrites.