Glenn has found himself at the center of yet another emerging controversy, this time involving WikiLeaks, major internet security firms, the DOJ, well-connected D.C. law firms, the Chamber of Commerce and Bank of America.

We want to draw attention to the story as Glenn found himself involved not by any particular act or will of his own, but by virtue of the fact that he is one of the most powerful truth speakers in American journalism today.  Apparently, that makes some in power quite nervous.

On a recommendation from the DOJ, large and established private security firms were brought in to pitch smear and intimidation campaigns against those who support transparency in information, including Glenn and others.

In summary, a number of these security firms pitched Bank of America and the Chamber of Commerce a proposition in which they would smear the reputations and try to threaten the well-being of targeted private individuals, including journalists, activists and political groups.  As Glenn puts it, “what made it such an important story is that the firms that were involved are serious legitimate players. These are not fly-by-night operations. These are big companies that do a lot of high level work for the government and for big corporations.”

Are Glenn or others involved considering taking action?  He said to us that “My principal concern is finding out more about what happened about whether or not the extent to which these proposals were actually put into play and executed whether the Bank of America and the Chamber of Commerce through their law firm ended up retaining these firms or whether the law firm retained them. So I think the first priority is to find out a lot more about what happened to bring more attention to it, and then I think vindicating legal rights is one of the first priorities because companies and entities like this for too long have been able to operate outside the law without the need for repercussions and that more than anything is what needs to stop,” says Glenn.

For the latest on this quickly-developing story, visit Glenn Greenwald’s section on, and follow him on Twitter.  There’s also an excellent account posted today at Wired by Nate Anderson of Ars Technica.  He which focuses on the role executives at each of the firms have in the story.  Glenn calls it “the definitive article” on the story, so check it out here.