We’re up to Episode 58 of Radio Free Dylan — today’s episode is a look back at three guests we’ve had on this year whose ideas for America’s biggest problems spurned some great feedback from listeners.

In this episode:

Barry Ritholz, CEO of Fusion IQ: How do we fix the American economy? Dylan argues that first, we have to admit our country has problems — whether it’s lack of investment, trade issues, dependence on foreign oil, that there are people out there who can improve on what exists now if not solve them outright. Barry agrees, saying “you have to first have a clear eyed look at what’s wrong, whether we’re talking about the economy or the banking system, or now real estate and the mortgages.   If you take a cold, hard honest appraisal and identify what’s wrong, and not look at it through a political lens or ideological lens, but just a straight up, show me the data, fashioning a response ain’t all that complicated.”

Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab: We find ourselves at a point in the world where the main tool to measure economic success and progress — Gross Domestic Product, or GDP –  is outdated.  Do we need a new set of rules for our economy to effectively begin to measure real, productive growth?  Umair believes it’s critical to the future of our country and our global economy to update it.

John Hennessy, President of Stanford University: What is the future of tech in America?  What kind of environment do we need to create to nurture small tech firms and digital entrepreneurs, and how can schools team up with the private sector to develop innovative and game-changing software, products and technology.