I’m mad as hell.  And according to the piles and piles of responses I got after my rant, so are you.  This is not a joke, trillions are being extracted from our economy by greedy bastards.  And if we don’t fix this problem, then we’ll end up seeing what is happening in England – uncontrolled rage-filled riots and looting – happen here.

As Michael Tablan told his readers about my rant: “I promise you its more important than cute fucking cupcakes.”

So what can you do?  Well here are some action items, for starters.

1) Understand our situation, and make sure that your friends and family do as well.  Our politicians and bankers play on our ignorance, since they think we won’t know what they are doing.  That ends now.  Watch our Jobs Wanted series on rigged Trade, Taxes and Banking, and forward it to your friends and family.

2) Use your twitter or Facebook account to be mad as hell.  I’ve started the hashtag #ImMadAsHellBecause so people can be mad as hell in their own words.  If you don’t know twitter is or what this means, don’t worry!  Just go here and read what your fellow citizens are saying: #ImMadAsHellBecause

3) Call Congress and tell them NOT to pass NAFTA-style corporate trade deals with Panama, South Korea, and Colombia.  The phone # for Congress is (202) 224-3121.  If you are not sure who is your Representative, tell the operator you want to talk to “your House member” and give your zip code.  You can find a script on what to say here: Speak Up!  Take Action!

So that’s a start.  If you want to send me a message, use the comment section below.  Or drop me an email at ImMadAsHell@dylanratigan.com.

Here are a few more or your responses.

“Worth watching. This guy’s rant is probably the best thing I’ve heard said about the government in a very long time. I used to be really into politics a few years ago, but I’ve lost all faith/interest in our government because of all the dumb bullshit that’s been happening the past year(s). Fuck it, I don’t wanna get into it. Just watch and listen.” – Where’s My Key?


“Say it with me now: I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!” – nrrrd.tumblr.com


“I’ve been wondering for years how much it would take for the US to have a popular uprising. It always seemed like such a remote possibility, but now with student loans and the like being affected AND the rioting in England, we might be getting closer to it. :/” – The Note Desolation Plays