Mark Ames writes at eXiledonline and The Nation and is a regular guest on The Dylan Ratigan Show.  This podcast is the first in our series Ideas for Sale.

Yesterday, Mark Ames and Yasha Levine revealed a scoop in The Nation about Charles Koch and Nobel prize economist Friedrich Hayek’s “secret love affair with Social Security.”  Newly discovered private correspondence between Koch and Hayek, while appalling and hypocritical on its face, reveals a far deeper problem: the secret corruption of ideas that, behind a “Green Curtain” of payoffs, feed into our politics and damage our democracy.  You can read more about their investigation of the correspondence at The Nation’s website, and view the original correspondence Koch sent to Hayek at eXiled online.

As we lead the push to “Get Money Out,” we will also begin a new series at called Ideas for Sale, reporting on the buying and selling of ideas behind the scenes in our country.  

WATCH:  Mark Ames and Yasha Levine on The Dylan Ratigan Show

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