Tent City Actions on Capitol Hill

Photo via The99Percent/Flickr

Today the Occupy movement took another step, moving from cities, colleges, and Wall Street to the actual courthouse — the kangaroo court, if you will, corrupting our nation.

Occupy Congress descended on the bull’s-eye of Washington today — a beautiful thing in our view!  Members from a broad range of organizations marched to the Capital and then spread out to meet with their representatives, air their grievances, and as they say, “take back the people’s house.”

What better way for the 99% to take a stand against the growing wealth gap than confronting our crushingly ineffective and misaligned Congress, which has not only worked to preserve and strengthen the finances of the richest Americans, but is half full of millionaires itself?

This comes on the heels of a standoff at Washington’s McPherson Square, where 31 Occupiers were arrested, with some Occupiers forcibly removed.

As Jimmy Williams from United Republic put it on today’s Megapanel:

“You know how when you go to the bank and go to the drive-in teller and go up and put your check in the little thing and it goes into the tube? And it goes into the bank? And they send it back to you through the tube?  What you’re talking about is New York, Wall Street — Corporate America.  They take the money and funnel it in a tube, and it goes into K Street, and K Street takes that money and funnels it straight into the Capitol building, but outside, of course, because you can’t take money inside. So what’s the difference? it’s the same exact thing.”

Watch the video of today’s coverage of Occupy Congress, along with our Megapanel: