Go @lessig!

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Send this to EVERYONE you know who needs to learn the basics on money and politics. It’s everything you need to know in 13 minutes.

Fellow money in politics freedom fighter (and friend of the show), Harvard professor Lawrence Lessig was on with Jon Stewart last night. In case you missed it, here’s his whole conversation with Jon about the corrupting influence on money and politics, and his book Republic, Lost.

“This is the root. Money is the root, and unless we find rootstrikers who are willing to strike at that root, we’re never going to fix the problem,” he said.

We couldn’t agree with you more, Professor!  And we’re glad Jon Stewart is continuing to bring attention to this issue we care so much about.

Here’s the full interview, Part I and II (you can also watch them at TheDailyShow.com):


And for that fantastic interview we award Prof. Lessig with a very rare award from the staff of DylanRatigan.com.  The much coveted “Who’s Awesome? You’re Awesome!” award, presented for tirelessly advocating for our need for a #Great28Debate and getting money OUT OF POLITICS once and for all.  Go @lessig!

Meg Robertson is a digital producer for Dylan Ratigan. She still wants a signed copy of Republic, Lost.