The Big Apple Has Joined the Fight

3:00PM ET UPDATE: The City Council has passed the resolution, making NYC the second major city in the United States to pass a resolution against Citizens United and corporate personhood.  We applaud the City Council on this action.  Here’s the press release from the Progressive Caucus, who led the charge on the resolution along with Speaker Christine Quinn.

(Ed. note: This is just the beginning! Let’s #getmoneyout!)

When the city of Los Angeles became the first metropolis to defy the Citizens’ United decision and declare that corporations are not people, it sent shock waves throughout America.

Maybe, just maybe, a case for repealing what is seen by many as one of the great infringements on our democracy could be had.  With the announcement that New York City Council, today, will be deciding on its own resolution opposing Citizens’ United, there is a palpable sense that this could be the year that “We the People” regain control of a system that has started to spin violently out of control.

City Council will vote on the resolution today. It is sponsored by Progressive Caucus Members Brad Lander, Melissa Mark-Viverito and Stephen Levin with the co-sponsorship of the entirety of the Progressive Caucus and the support of Speaker Christine Quinn.

At the heart of their vote is the contention that corporations, and their money, do not deserve the same First Amendment protections that citizens do.  The protection of unregulated campaign donations as freedom of speech represents a very real subversion of our democratic ideals as a nation, and allows elected officials to play to the highest bidder.

The resolution calls for a return to pre-2010 regulations about campaign finance spending, but many of us hope this could be the beginning of a real revolution that sees the total removal of money from politics in the interest of reforming our system.

As our generation presides over what seems to be the decline of America’s vitality and ability to pull itself out of this economic slump, it has become increasingly clear that politics-for-money has become one of the most sinister problems we face as a nation.

The vote takes place today.  Here’s hoping that this is not the last we see of cities asserting themselves in the fight against corporate personhood.

See the press release about the resolution here.