The iconic message of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign was, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  We believe that it’s beyond the economy now.  Our country is on a path that is unsustainable; human, economic, and natural resources are being wasted at incredible rates.  Through our 30 Million Jobs Tour, we began to discover a community that was driven not by the rules of the traditional system, but rules that focus on getting more for less.  It is a culture that places connection, community, and sustainability at the top of its priorities, and there are millions of people throughout the United States that are working to proactively resolve our country’s greatest problems.  Through their mission-based approach, creative and dynamic solutions are emerging that can help us resolve many of the issues facing our long-term sustainability.  How do they do it?  We believe that, “It’s the culture, friend.”  Join us now as we take a look at some of the incredible folks we have met along the way:

It’s called leadership culture, and we want to see our citizenry adapt it for themselves.  We want to emphasize the good and get rid of the bad in our current system, and we need to believe that we are all capable of being leaders in this renaissance.  Colonel Christopher Conlin explained: “We are social creatures; we instinctively follow and model behavior from our leaders.  Right now a lot of our leaders are leading more in line with do as I say, not as I do.”

When we have a chaotic and uncertain environment, it is an occasion to create millions of new opportunities and resolve problems that threaten the health and well-being of our society.  Our citizen culture is missing that desire to create, to innovate, and to run toward the chaotic realm of potential failure.  The Marine Corps manual states, “The risks of inaction are always equal to or greater than the risks of action.”  We are at a point, as a nation, where we cannot continue to sit by and follow the path of unsustainable action.  We are afraid of failure, but must learn instead to discover what it can afford us:

It is time to reinvigorate our culture with a sense of entrepreneurial risk-taking.  Whether it be in health, education, science and technology, or sustainable energy, we must be willing to embrace failure and welcome the challenges it brings as we try to resolve the difficulties facing our nation.  We must find that sense of daring, audacious, and creative thinking that has characterized some of our nation’s greatest accomplishments.  It begins with you and your interactions with people around you on a regular basis.  You are the hero of your own story.  It’s the culture, friend.