The American tax code is screwed up; it’s screwed up in a thousand ways. One of the biggest screw ups is the fact that we incentivize our biggest corporations: the Apples, the Nikes, the Proctors & Gambles of this world to keep a huge percentage of their profits offshore in order to avoid paying US taxes.

At the same time, US shareholders and US Executives are benefitting from offshore profits, but there is no revenue to be had for the American government. In fact, there is an incentive for those corporations to keep that money off shore.

Imagine if we corrected our own failure and closed that loophole by allowing those corporations to bring their offshore money back on shore [for] no taxes. Incentivize them to bring that money back to America and give them the tax holiday – as hard as that is to stomach – conditional on their investment in Build America bonds: Infrastructure for bridges, roads, schools, student debt relief. So if you’re Apple, if you’re Proctor & Gamble, you’re Nike, if you’ve got money offshore – you want to bring it onshore? No problem.

No taxes ONLY if you invest your money in Build America bonds to resolve our biggest problems like infrastructure and education.

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