No Way To Live

Like all of you, I’m watching the events in Egypt in awe. Hundreds of thousands of people taking action, against a corrupt government.

We’ll be covering this story all week on the Dylan Ratigan show. But also, with our partners at the Huffington Post, we’ll be tackling corruption within our own government. Yesterday, we began looking at the housing crisis, and how banks ran right over all of us, throwing us out of our homes and pushing our cities into bankruptcy.

It’s a series called No Way to Live. To kick it off, I interviewed Congressman Brad Miller talking about corruption within Congress as it relates to housing. Our partners at the Huffington Post have a couple great stories on how the housing crisis and corruption is destroying our country.

Egyptians are now showing their power to their government. It’s an inspiration site. Let’s make sure that, as we watch what is going on in Egypt, we focus on tilling the soils of freedom where we live.

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