If you are in the Denver area and want to come to our Live Town Hall on “Innovation and Job Creation in America” at the University of Denver on January 28, 2011, here at the details:

Innovation and Job Creation in America

Town Hall Innovation Panel

6pm MT / 8pm EST – January 28, 2011

The Newman Center at the University of Denver

2190 East Lliff Avenue Denver, CO 80210

If you can’t make it in person, get involved online! Ask our panel a question via Skype:

Email: Dylan@DylanRatigan.com with your Skype Username to ask us a LIVE question for our Innovation panel experts.


Matt Miller

Host of Public Radio’s “Left, Right & Center” & WashingtonPost.com columnist

American journalist, and senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a monthly columnist for Fortune, regular contributor to The New York Times Magazine and The Atlantic Monthly, and author of The Two Percent Solution. He is a graduate of Brown University.

He also appears regularly on CNN and MSNBC. He previously served as a corporate consultant and as an advisor to the Office of Management and Budget in the Clinton administration. Miller is a senior advisor to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company and to the firm’s in-house economics think-tank McKinsey Global Institute.  Miller supports universal health insurance, increased education spending, school vouchers and other goals detailed in his book. He was also a supporter of the 2003 invasion of Iraq but now claims he “blew it” in supporting the war, stating, “If I’d known beforehand that Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction, I would not have supported the war.” He is moderator and co-host of the nationally syndicated public radio program Left, Right & Center, representing the center.

Nicole Glaros

Managing Director, TechStars Boulder

Nicole is a Managing Director of TechStars in Boulder.

Nicole got her entrepreneurial start in the 4th grade, orchestrating cousins into theatrical plays and charging neighbors admission.  From there, she founded three startups including PropertyManagementShop.com, all of which are still operating.  She has spent nearly a decade working to improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Colorado through leadership roles at various organizations and incubators such as CTEKInvestor AvenueCleanLaunch, and the Advance Colorado Center. She considers herself privileged to have worked with nearly 100 brilliant and gutsy seed-stage web software entrepreneurs.

Nicole graduated with her Master’s Degree from the University of Florida, likes to do at least one philanthropic thing annually, and shares the wonderment of parenthood with the love of her life, Mark.

When not thinking about TechStars, you’ll find Nicole on the slopes or on her bike, hanging with her big fat greek family, traveling to some exotic destination, or generally making a fool of herself to entertain others.

Andrew Jenks

MTV’s World of Jenks

Award-winning filmmaker Andrew Jenks has lived in New York City, Katmandu, Nepal, Brussels, Belgium and Chiba, Japan.

At age 19, Andrew moved into an assisted living facility in Florida in order to capture “the meaning of life” from the elderly residents. What started as a simple, low-budget documentary turned into an international hit.  ANDREW JENKS, ROOM 335, starring Jenks and a group of elderly facility residents, went on to win top prizes at a number of international film festivals.

At 21 years old, ESPN financed Andrew’s second film THE ZEN OF BOBBY V, which tracked Bobby Valentine, an American baseball coach who has become a national icon in Japan. The film premiered at the 2008 TriBeca Film Festival and, competing against 130 films, was in the top 10% for audience award voting.

This past fall, Jenks took viewers on unforgettable journeys as he captured a wide range of voices and personal stories in the groundbreaking MTV docu-series “World Of Jenks.” The series launch garnered over 5 million viewers, marking MTV’s highest rated series launch ever.

In each episode, the 24-year-old Jenks focuses his lens and creates a bond with his subject to tell the story of one person’s life, bringing viewers closer to understanding someone else’s reality – everyone from a platinum-selling recording artist to a young homeless woman, from a pro-cheerleader to a young adult with Autism. Jenks dives wholeheartedly into twelve disparate lives and in the process pioneers a new style of storytelling for this generation of young people.

Andrew has appeared on NBC’s ‘The Today Show’, CBS’ ‘The Early Show’, Fox News Channel’s ‘Fox and Friends’, MSNBC, CNN, and has been interviewed on dozens of other television and radio programs worldwide. His work has been featured in magazines and newspapers, including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Variety, New York Magazine, TimeOut, and The Herald Tribune.