Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) got us first glimpse inside the Federal Reserve, It was his amendment that yielded new information about the 18 Fed members bailing themselves out at the same time that they were at the Federal Reserve. He joined Dylan on the show today to discuss the new findings. Here’s the show clip, and the full transcript is below.

On Monday of this week we wrote a Huffington Post blog about two types of Americans. Either you’re a big business special interest or big union special interest who can buy your way to Platinum Citizenship, or you’re the other 99% of America.

Just today, a new Congressional report shows precisely mathematically just how true that is. The report cites rampant and widespread conflict of interest inside of the Federal Reserve, undermining its credibility as a custodian of America’s currency and America’s capital. This is the first audit ever. Controversial and unorthodox tools that the Fed used during the financial crisis to cover up the banks’ problems and perpetuate a Too Big to Fail system with a dark casino-based swaps market.

Why should we care? Well, because the group of people doing this are appointed, unelected, Elite Platinum Citizens, who are exploiting our nation’s economy and our nation’s currency to preserve their own interests, mind you, unchecked when it comes to power. They are not part of our three branches of government, if you will.

If you need an example of their abuse of power, here’s one. The audit report exposed today the following. 18 current and former Fed board members who held the top spots at the same banks and companies that were given emergency loans from the Fed. So the same people who were saying “you better do what we say or else,” the same Platinum Citizens threatening America in 2008, continued to do that at the expense of students, retirees, the unemployed and every other non-Platinum Citizen, and because of the way the fed works there’s no transparency as to how they do this.

The more of this we’ll see the harder it is to continue the Tim Geithner-led “Platinum Plan,” so the trillions in bad assets that the Fed bought during the bailout from the banks who had bonused themselves creating, is still largely secret.

The only thing we do know is that the American taxpayer now owns them.

The final division in america is not race. it is not age. It is not gender. It is economic status relative to the platinum citizenship plan that is being run on behalf of bankers at the Federal Reserve.