This week in my inbox: some great questions about Occupy Wall Street, the “fallacy of FINRA,” the First Amendment and the “right to assemble,” war for oil, and the Federal Reserve. 

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Here’s what people wanted to know this week — if you can’t listen to the answers, we’ve posted the full transcript at the bottom of the post.

MARTHA IN COLUMBUS, OH:  Who in the media and the government are willing to stand with OWS to support and provide information being withheld from the general public? The attention and coverage being given them by the mainstream media is embarrassing so far.

PHIL IN FLORIDA:  Is the “Occupy” movement here to stay? Do you think it is movement that is going to successfully change the system or is it just a flash in the pan?

MIKE IN ALABAMA:  When will the fallacy known as FINRA finally be exposed for the sham it is? Getting assistance from them is about as likely as a personal meeting with the Pope.

WILLIAM IN BALTIMORE: How can Federal, state or municipal governments circumvent the First Amendment with so called “permit requirements?” It seems like these new regulations on protest, voting, and the right to assemble don’t really line up with the First Amendment.

JOHNNY IN FT. WORTH, TEXAS: You mentioned our oil advantage in the victory of World War II. Could our strategic interventions abroad in the name of oil be classified as defending America?

CHRIS IN FAIRBANKS, ALASKA: Why hasn’t there been an investigation into the Federal Reserve and party-interest transactions? I think knowing how the Fed really works would be instructive on the influence of money in politics.

What do you think?  Do you agree with Chris on investigating the Fed?  What about with William on the permit requirements at the Occupy Wall Street protests, and how that plays in regards to our First Amendment rights?  Sound off in the comments below, or follow the discussion on our Facebook page.