Here’s an interesting video out from Bloomberg — it’s a discussion with Laurence Fink, CEO of BlackRock and Bill Gross, co-CIO at PIMCO.  The discussion on the Occupy Wall Street movement, the financial crisis, and the U.S. political process was held in front of an audience at the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

“We have to admit, as members of the financial press and members of the financial community, I would say Washington and the financial community, and it’s embodied a lot by New York, we really did let down a lot of people,” Fink said.  “There was a huge amount of confidence in this country that Washington was going to protect us, and the engine of that protection was through the financial community. Quite frankly, we did a pretty crummy job, and so we let people down,” he pointed out.

“To resolve this, we have to admit it.  Now, I’m going to admit it as a part of the financial community, we let down a lot of people.  I would like to see politicians say we did the same thing, and then we can move on,” Fink concluded.

When asked about Occupy Wall Street, Fink said “I am actually very happy with Occupy Wall Street, because for the first time in three years, we have may have fringe element symmetry,” said Fink. (That got some big laughs from the business-oriented crowd at the event, but Fink kept on.)

“When you think about it, the Tea Party in my mind said a lot of really good things, but it did shape the 2010 elections in a very big way.  I was surprised that we didn’t have a left wing element.  So I’m not telling you I’m agreeing with one side or another… but I understand they are basically saying we are unhappy with where we are today, we need to have change, and many people have been left behind,” said Fink.

This was not the first time Mr. Fink has commented on Occupy Wall Street — he also defended them back in October, saying that “These are not lazy people sitting around looking for something to do. We have people losing hope and they’re going into the street, whether it’s justified or not.”