DR & his new child!

A BLOCK:  Money & Politics:  Part One: Ken Vogel, Chief Investigative Reporter, Politico:  As the number of ads in South Carolina by the minute, we’ll examine the barrage of Super PAC spending.  How does it measure up against 2008 expenditures by the Democrats?  We’ll talk to Rep. Donna Edwards about her fight in the Get Money Out campaign, and hear what she’s working on.

B BLOCK:  Mega-Panel:  Mike Williams + Susan Del Percio + Jimmy Williams.   First topic: Obama’s fundraising. In a video released to supporters this morning, Obama Campaign Manager Jim Messina announced that the campaign raised more than $68 million in the 4th quarter that ended on Dec. 31, 2011. That amount includes more than $42 million the campaign raised, more than $24 million the DNC raked in, and another $1 million-plus raised by a swing-state victory fund.  We’ll then talk about the latest on the nuclear scientist who was assassinated in Tehran — the U.S. says they had nothing to do with it, so who exactly is killing off top nuclear scientists in Iran?

C BLOCK:  How much are media companies profiting from our elections?  Dylan and the panel will bring in Anthony DiClementi, Internet & Media Analyst at Barclays Capital will tell us which companies (CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.) are raking in the big bucks.

D BLOCK:   30 Million Jobs launches!  And we have a new promo, and it’s awesome.  We’ll announce it on the show, then post it here at DR.com.

E BLOCK:  Dan Buettner, author of Blue Zones, says with the growing income disparity gap and the ongoing Occupy movements, he has some pretty cool tips on how to be happier in a down economy (Here’s a hint- having more money is not necessarily the answer!)

F BLOCK:  Cheat Chat with comedian Jeff Kreisler – check out his website for his latest tour schedule and go see Get Rich Cheating live! (We did it in DC, and it was a blast!)