The 30 Million Jobs tour rolls on, and this week we’re in South Florida.  The sunrises in Florida may be goregous, the beaches beautiful, but it’s a paradise in peril…


We kicked off our Wednesday show focusing on one big issue: America’s mortgage mess and foreclosure crisis.  According to RealtyTrac, one out of every 360 homes in Florida is in foreclosure, compared to one out of every 634 homes nationally.

Even if they’re not in foreclosure, many Florida homeowners are in trouble.  This is a state where more than half of all homeowners are underwater — almost double the national average.  That means people can’t move to find new job opportunities elsewhere, and it also means they can’t keep up with their payments.   As Dylan talked about with mortgage analyst Jack McCabe and DE AG Beau Biden, we need some big solutions, and we need them now. A stable and healthy housing market is directly tied to our push for 30 Million Jobs and renewed American prosperity, and we’ll keep on this issue!

Here are a few behind the scenes shots of the show from Monday, January 25th here at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida.  If you want to see all the photos, they’re on Flickr here:

Steve, Dylan, Sasha, Brian and Mary
Producers Steve, Brian and Mary working with Dylan before the show.

Not a bad spot for a conference call!
Now this is the right way to do a conference call!

Dylan and the always dapper Jonathan Capehart!

Imogen Lloyd Webber & Jonathan Capehart
Imogen Lloyd Webber and Jonathan Capehart before their hit.

Nice shot of the set!
Major equipment to make this all happen!

Dylan and Jack McCabe
Dylan and mortgage analyst Jack McCabe talking mortgages, of course.

Dylan and Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida
Dylan and Rep. Ted Deutch of Florida.

Dylan and John Wonderlich, Policy Director of The Sunlight Foundation.

Brian, Sasha, Meg, Dylan and Steve
Show team with Dylan — Brian, Sasha, and Steve Friedman.

Parting Shot!
Parting shot – sunset!