Home sweet home!  The show is back in New York for the week, but our quest for 30 Million Jobs and Get Money Out never takes time off.  We are honored to have Ben and Jerry – yes, think ice cream – to help launch their Get The Dough Out campaign, which is all about getting money out of politics.

Also joining the show is author Peter Schweizer.  His book, Throw Them All Out: How Politicians and Their Friends Get Rich of Insider Stock Tips, Land Deals and Cronyism That would Send the Rest of Us to Prison, highlights the unholy alliance between business and our elected officials.

Our Mega-Panel discusses the ongoing protests in Athens about the extreme austerity measures they are facing as a nation.  Could America be headed down a similar path in the future?  They also take a look at the looming Budget Battle as President Obama unveils his Fiscal Year 2013 plan.  Did the President really seize the initiative, or are we looking at more kicking the can down the road for the looming election in 2012?  Let’s be real: we think this is all about 2012.

Be sure to also catch Fawaz Gerges, Director of the Middle East Center from the London School of Economics, who discusses the proposed peace-keeping force in Syria that was announced by the Arab League.  Will it be successful in stopping the Assad regime from the continued murder of his own citizens?  Or are we seeing the beginnings of UN intervention on the scale we did in Libya?

It’s great to be back in New York, let’s get to it!