There is a wide range of hopeful electoral reforms that this country needs, from eliminating the influence of Super PACs to ballot reform to gerrymandering against lines in the primaries.  All of the above are part of the larger problem that is seeing the vote of the people rendered increasingly irrelevant in this country.  Out of 311 million Americans, there are 24 million that are either invalid as voters or significantly inaccurate in their information that is registered.  There are 2 million voters that are dead but still listed as active voters!  Rep. John Larson, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, and author James Hohmann joined the show to talk about the dire need of change in our electoral system.  The full video can be seen here:

“There’s a huge electoral college reform movement.  This is something that’s caught hold with the American people,” Congressman Larson explained.  “As was pointed out, since the election of 2000, there’s been brave concern about [the inaccurate election data].”

As more and more money pours in and manipulates the system to the point where both suppression of the vote and preventing people from voting are becoming norms in the system, how can we consider ourselves the exemplar of democracy?  It moves beyond race, too: these numbers are indicative of the gap that continues to widen between a ruling class of elected officials and the average American that does not benefit from political and financial connections.  Our system is being manipulated to protect those in power.

What’s worse is that politically, no one can be hurt for these egregious affronts on voting liberties.  Closed primaries in gerrymandered districts prevent congressman, sometimes with approval ratings in the twenties, from even being challenged in their districts.  They continue to be bought off and do not insist on reforming anything for obvious reasons.  When they are effectively invincible, why would they bother?

“It’s exposing private billionaire money being spent to annihilate others’ reputations without disclosing it.  Politicians respond to a threat to their jobs.  The question is: how do we create a credible threat to elected officials to make them see their jobs are at stake?” asked Hohmann.

A start would be getting money out of politics.  Until we can see a true change in the system, the American electoral system is up for grabs to the highest bidder.

James Hohmann is a political contributor at POLITICO.  Rep. John Larson is chairman of the House Democratic Caucus.