The whole DR Show team is gearing up for another week on the road.  We’re just two days away from kicking off the college leg of our 30 Million jobs tour. To start off the week, Dylan had the chance to stop by the Today Show this morning for a segment with NBC’s Carl Quintanilla.

Here’s their discussion on how communities are starting to address our big national issues at a local/micro level.  Dylan pointed to two inspiring examples that we keep coming back to lately:  the success Dr. Jeffrey Brenner in Camden, NJ  has had in working on health care in a low-income community, and huge leaps Salman Khan has helped students take through his work at the Khan Academy.

Dylan also talks about the ideas behind the 30 Million Jobs tour, and why we’re visiting University of Kentucky, Ohio State and University of Chicago this week.  Here’s the full segment, and a transcript:

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