On what would (typically) be the last day of February we’ve got an exciting show coming up for you today.

Jonathan Alter joins the show today to talk about the Arizona and Michigan primaries.  If Mitt Romney sees a loss in Michigan what does it mean for the GOP race at large?  What if he resoundingly wins?  The race for the GOP nomination enters a new level leading up to Super Tuesday next week.

The Tuesday Megapanel is Jimmy Williams, Karen Finney and Susan DePercio.

Public advocate Bill de Blasio will stop to discuss corporate election spending (you guessed it: Citizens’ United gets mentioned) and how we can expect this to impact and change the game moving forward.  Also, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case that decides whether or not corporations can held responsible for human rights violations.  If they can spend money like a person can, shouldn’t they be able to be held accountable like one?

Dave Walker from the Comeback America Initiative comes on to discuss how fiscal responsibility is ignored in Washington, regardless of what a big talking point it’s become.  Neither side seems to be owning up to the enormous fiscal problem we have as a nation, but we get plenty of solutions.  Would Walker recommend a Marshall Plan solution for the country?  Or would he dare take on the battle himself and make a run for the presidency?

Before David Goodfriend’s rant to close it out, Billy Parish and Dev Aujla, authors of Making Good:  Finding Meaning, Money, and Community in a Changing World, come on discuss how making money and making positive social good do not have to be mutually exclusive; they can, in fact, be aligned interests with one another.  What are we doing wrong in the U.S. that we are not making good but still making large amounts of money?  We have to bring the nation back to a level of social investment and concern.

Auction 2012 hasn’t stopped and neither have we; always great to have you along for the ride here at The Dylan Ratigan Show! See you at 4P ET.