There’s no question that we are living at a time of explosive change — perhaps the greatst since the turn of the 19th Century.  But with the level of potential energy and risk in the this country equally at odds, which one will win out — abundance or scarcity?  And how can we push our country towards a path to renewed wealth and a good standard of living for all, rather than just for those already at the top?

Peter Diamandis believes that because of forces already at work, the future will be better than we think.  He is an entrepreneur turned philanthropist, and the founder and CEO of the X-Prize Foundation, a non-profit encouraging and rewarding those who dare to make the impossible possible.  He is author of the new book Abundance: Why the Future is Better Than You Think.  Here’s his discussion with Dylan.

Want to learn more? You can download a free chapter of Peter’s book at his website here.

– Meg Robertson is a digital producer for You can find her on Twitter @MegRobertson.