Dylan Ratigan is off today (but he’s back on Monday!)  Matt Miller (@mattmillernow) will be guest hosting.  

Our Big Story – The Health Care Law Challenge. Today marks the second anniversary of the signing of the health care law, and the Supreme Court begins oral arguments next week about its repeal.  We’ll be joined by Mike Sacks (@mikesackshp), Supreme Court Correspondent at The Huffington Post, whose most recent coverage on this issue is here.  Jeffrey Rosen, George Washington Law Professor & Legal Affairs Editor at The New Republic.

The Megapanel: It’s Friday, so we’ll be joined by Ari Melber (@arimelber), Krystal Ball (@krystalball1) and Ari Berman (@ariberman). Bank of America’s new program allows homeowners facing foreclosure to turn from owners to renters. The “Mortgage to Lease” program, launched this week, will be available to fewer than 1,000 customers selected by the bank in test markets in Arizona, Nevada and New York.  Then, it’s the movie you can’t get away from – The Hunger Games.  We’ll talk about America’s fascination with it, and what that means about the American psyche right now.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (@governormarkell) will come on for a conversation about finding the 30 Million Jobs we need. With Arne Duncan in Delaware  today, Gov. Markell will talk education, and how we can foster a culture of experimentation to get our young people jobs.

The Specialist: Atlantic’s Roger Lowenstein visits to talk about his latest Atlantic article, “The Villain.” He writes that Ben Bernanke saved the economy: So why does everyone hate him? (Check out the article at TheAtlantic.com).

The Digital Universe:  It’s well known that the digital universe exploded in the aftermath of World War II — but has code really taken over the world, and where is the digital universe headed next?  We’ll speak with George Dyson, author of “Turing’s Cathedral: The Origins of the Digital Universe.”

The Daily Rant: He’s got a few things to say about Travon Martin — Jonathan Capehart (@capehartj) will be here for today’s rant.

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