Matt Miller (@mattmillernow) will be guest hosting from DC today, as Dylan is still a bit under the weather.  Get well soon, DR!

The Big Story: The Supreme Court Health Care Challenge: Now, or should we say in about three months, it’s decision time on the health care law.  We’ve heard from the justices, and today, it’s the lawyers turn.  We’ll listen to the latest audio, and hear from NBC News Chief Legal Analyst Savannah Guthrie (@savannahguthrie).  She’ll walk us through the highlights of today’s events, and preview what we might see some June when a decision is made on the Affordable Care Act.  David Walker (@davewalkerCAI), Founder, President & CEO, of Comeback America Initiative will be here — he says no matter what the Supreme Court decides, our health care system will still be a mess!  Aaron Smith, Executive Director & Co-Founder of Young Invincibles.  His group is especially concerned about the impact of overturning the health care law on young Americans.  They just launched a new campaign called “Meet a Young Person,” to educate the justices about insurance issues.

The Megapanel: Imogen Lloyd Webber (@illoydwebber), Jonathan Capehart (@capehartj) + Rob Cox (@rob1cox) are here.  We’ll talk about SCOTUS/health care of course, and what the court of public opinion thinks.

The Specialist:  One of the hot issues on the campaign trail is fixing trade.  Our specialist today, Clyde Prestowitz, is the founder and president of the Economic Strategy Institute.  Clyde is one of the most far seeing forecasters of global trends, and says we can’t fix trade problems because two different games (with two sets of rules!) are being played.

Finding Jobs to Create Real Change:  How can you change the world and put dollars in your pocket at the same time?  Billy Parish and  Dev Aujla are co-authors of Making Good: Finding Meaning, Money, and Community in a Changing World.  They say that no matter what your age is, it’s possible to do well and do good at the same time.  Their book is an excellent, inspiring “how to” for doing just that.  If you’re looking to marry your passion with a fulfilling career, don’t miss this segment.

The Daily Rant: After doing some awesome guest hosting this week, Ari Melber (@arimelber) is here. He’ll give his take on what really needs to be done when it comes to race relations in this country.

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