Guests and Topics for today’s show, Wednesday April 11, 2012:

A BLOCK:  UN – Global Food Commodities:  Frederick Kaufman, Professor, CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism & Author of the Forthcoming Book, “Bet the Farm:  How Food Stopped Being Food” (30 Rock)

B BLOCK:  Mega-Panel:  Imogen Lloyd Webber (30 Rock) + Jonathan Capehart (DC) + Rob Cox (30 Rock)

C BLOCK:  Panel Stays.  Specialist:  Greg David, Author of, “Modern New York:  The Life and Economics of a City” (30 Rock)

D BLOCK:  Quick Segment:

E BLOCK:  The Mission Continues:  Micah Goulet, Mission Continues Fellowship Program Associate (St. Louis, MO) + Tabitha Bennett, Mission Continues Fellow (Denver, CO)

F BLOCK:  Melber’s Minute:  Ari Melber (30  Rock)