Here’s a quick look at what we’re working on for 4PM…

Student Loan Bill: Aaron Smith, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Young Invincibles (@YI_Care) and Zac Bissonnette (@zacbissonnette), author of Debt-Free U & How To Be Richer, Smarter, and Better-Looking Than Your Parents.

The Tuesday Mega-Panel: Karen Finney (@finneyk), Susan Del Percio (@delpercios) and Jimmy Williams (@jimmyspolitics) are here. Sen. Dick Lugar the underdog in today’s GOP primary in Indiana — with six terms and thirty-six years in the Senate, is it time for the Indiana senator to move on? We’ll also talk about the North Carolina vote today on an amendment making marriage only between and man and a woman. (Read more here at Huff Post.)

The Specialist: Dan Gross (@grossdm) is economics and finance editor at Yahoo! Finance — he’s also author of the new book Better, Stronger, Faster: The Myth of American Decline…and the Rise of a New Economy.  It’s a a surprisingly optimistic assessment of the new American economy – Gross notes the economic impact of the dysfunctional politics of our day, but argues that to a large degree the recovery has happened in spite of politics and policy, not because of them

We’ll also hear from author and physicist Francis Slakey, about his new book To The Last Breath: A Memoir Of Going To Extremes — his story of surfing every ocean and climbing the highest mountain on every continent. He calls his accomplishment “the first global surf n’ turf.”  Then, a Daily Rant from the one and only David Goodfriend (@DavidGoodfriend)!