1 more day till Friday!

Here’s what we’re working on for 4PM…

The Big Story! We’ll be joined by Kevin Schmiegel, Executive Director of Hiring Our Heroes, a program of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Spencer Kympton, Chief Operating Officer of The Mission Continues. The entertainment industry coming together to launch the Got Your 6 campaign to provide veterans opportunities to convert their leadership operation training into positive civilian roles in communities nationwide.  The goal of the program? 500,000 jobs for veterans, housing 10,000 chronically homeless veterans, and the completion 1.5 million volunteer service hours by veterans. You can watch the PSA here.  Helping our returning vets find work is the goal of the Defense Energy Project, which we first showcased during the Austin leg of the 30 Million Jobs tour.

The Thursday Megapanel: Karen Finney (@finneyk), Susan Del Percio (@delpercios) + Jimmy Williams (@jimmyspolitics) will be here. We are exactly 180 days out from the election, with the Presidency, House and Senate up for grabs What did the President’s endorsement of same-sex marriage yesterday do to his campaign? Will it spell any trouble for him in batteground states?

The Specialist: When God Talks Back T.M. Luhrmann, author of When God Talks Back: Understanding the American Evangelical Relationship With God will be here. The book explores the extraordinary process that leads some believers to a place where God is profoundly real and his voice can be heard amid the clutter of everyday thoughts. You can check out more on the book here, via the NY Times and NPR.

Documentary of the Week: “Bailout” — Bailout is a social documentary that explores American anger with the Wall Street elites “who survive and thrive on their cancerous system of bailouts, fraud, and political corruption that actively work in concert to destroy Main Street.”  We’ll talk to the director, Sean Fahey (@seanpfahey), and John Titus, its Executive Producer & write — you can check out the films’ website here and here’s the trailer…

To wrap things up, our resident therapist Noah Kass (@noahkass) will be here. What do you do when you feel like you’re being inundated by the news? He’ll give us some advice on staying afloat in a world of too much information!