3.4 million college students will become college graduates this month — and we all know the type of economy they’re going to enter. Half of grads can’t find good paying jobs or aren’t using the skills they paid top dollar to learn. Matthew Segal (@ourtimematthew) of OurTime is pushing public service — volunteering — as part of the solution to this problem.  He points out not only the economic benefits for communities, but also the benefits for struggling graduates trying to repay mountains of college debt. AmeriCorps funding is being threatened in the Ryan budget — if pushed through, funding would be cut completely.

Segal’s group is launching a new campaign with AmeriCorps around national service jobs for college grads. It’s called 1 Million Strong for 1 Million Jobs, and has an aggressive goal — finding that many jobs for college graduates who are ready to work.

Watch Dylan talk with Matt Segal about the economic and social benefits of programs like AmeriCorps:

– Meg Robertson (@megrobertson) is a digital producer for DylanRatigan.com.