Here’s what we’re working on for 4PM ET… more details to come!

Fed Conflicts of InterestSen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will join us. JPMorgan Chase’s multibillion trading loss will be forgotten before the year is through, Chief Executive Jamie Dimon predicted Monday at the Deutsche Bank Global Financial Services Investor Conference. Dimon called the losing trades “an isolated event” and said he both hopes and expects that it will be “something we don’t have to talk about by the end of the year.” The good news that has come out of this is the renewed push for a new Glass-Steagall bill that reinstitutes capital requirements and seperates high-risk investment banks from traditional banks where most Americans deposit their money. You can check out the bill here.

The Thursday Megapanel: The Facebook Debacle:  Karen Finney, Susan Del Percio and Jimmy Williams will join us. It has taken just six days for the razzle-dazzle of Facebook’s $104 billion market debut to turn into a nightmare of congressional inquiries. Republican and Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday began to look into the debacle of what was supposed to be the social networking company’s crowning achievement.

The Specialist: Charles Ferguson, author of Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking of America is here. In his book, he says that we’ve allowed the predators of Wall Street to co-opt the country and send us into financial ruin — and no one has paid for it but the American people. We’ll talk to him about “two sets of rules” and how unequal the opportunities have become for our society.

The President and The Middle East: Author Fawaz Gerges is here with his new book Obama and the Middle East: The End of America’s Moment? Fawaz’s new book claims Obama’s Middle East strategy has veered off course. Has America lost its influence in the Middle East?

Kass’ Couch:  Noah Kass is here — how do you know when it’s time to break away from the group, and why can it be so difficult?