We’re all back at MSNBC with various levels of sunburn from a long weekend off — here’s what’s happening on the show today:

Syria: On the Brink of Civil War? Amb. Marc Ginsberg, the former U.S. Ambassafor to Morocco and Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer, Senior Fellow & External Communications Director at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies will join us. As protests continue to grow in Syria, are they on the brink of civil war? After increased violence over the last few days, UN human rights office has declared that more than 85 people who were killed in the Houla region were “summarily executed — most of the victims, including children, were shot at close range.  Meanwhile, German, Italian and Spanish foreign ministries have announced that Syrian ambassadors are being expelled — following similar moves by France, Britain, Australia, and Canada.

The Tuesday Mega-Panel: Karen Finney (@finneyk) + Susan Del Percio (@delpercios) + Jimmy Williams (@jimmyspolitics) will be here talking about the news of the day.  Have a story suggestion for us? Send links our way on Twitter to @DylanRatigan!

The Specialist: Ross Perlin (@rossperlin), the author of Intern Nation: How to Earn Nothing and Learn Little in the Brave New Economy will be here. Each year, millions put off getting a job and financial independence to fight for chance to engaging in “thankless and menial tasks for little acknowledgement or compensation,” as Perlin describes it.  Since interns have become key part of the workforce, have internships just become way for big companies to get low-wage or no-wage labor in a poor economy? Or are they actually a key way to get a job in a tough job market?

Veterans Job Training Program: Chris Porter, The Training Camp CEO and Tyler Heather, veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan and Training Camp Graduate will be with us.  Their program — it’s job training, military boot camp style.  The goal of “The Training Camp” is to help position unemployed vets to get hired in numerous career fields.

The Daily Rant: David Goodfriend (@davidgoodfriend) is here.  Why aren’t there privacy grades for websites, apps and online services that collect our personal information, much like NYC’s restaurant grades that tell us how clean a restaurant is?

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