Colin Archipley—When you first meet Colin, you can’t help but wonder how a guy this tall was able to find cover in the intense fighting he waded through in the invasion of Iraq, the Battle of Fallujah and the intense fighting in Haditha. This blond-haired California native not only survived but rose to the rank of sergeant in less than four years. He is a natural leader who can think under stress and has the sort of charisma that is both innate and refined by hard-earned experience. First he joined the Corps in response to 9/11. The, after service, he trained himself to build greenhouses to help save his farm in northern San Diego County. Then he and his wife started a sustainable, organic agriculture training program and has helped more than 150 veterans start down the same path. And now I’ve dubbed him the Kale Hero. Not bad for just over 30 years of living.

Karen Archipley—You know what a farmer’s wife is like, right? Grey hair pulled back in a bun, dirty apron, rolling pin out and a pie in the window sill. Wrong. Karen is a former international fashion entrepreneur who can secure a six-figure deal with Whole Foods Market,  find a scholarship for a needy veteran and whip up a kale salad in about 10 minutes. Her deep passion for sustainable food growing practices fuels a motor that doesn’t seem to have much quit. With her husband Colin, she has helped change the face of agriculture and permanently scorched the stereotype of the “farmer’s wife.”

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