Today we honor the veterans who have lost their lives serving our country.  We reflect and pray for them, as well as celebrate their lives as they have given so much.  We also share thoughts with those who are currently serving and those who will serve.

Last week, the former global head of training and command for the U.S. Marine Corps, Major General Melvin Spiese partnered with us to lead a veteran-led incubator targeting food and energy solutions with Archi’s Acres as a model project.  The incubator is Veteran Job Corps.

The recently retired Deputy Commander of 1 MEF (1/3 of the Marines) is a specialist in implementing “train to standard” distributed-power training systems.  He oversaw the updating of the Marine Corps training systems during recent years of war when we were training a lot of Marines quickly.

That “train to standard” skillset is exactly what we need to transition our vets into their next mission opportunities in ways they can directly prosper, improve America and show their value to the community, customers, investors and themselves.

We believe Veteran Job Corps is part of a missing link needed to customize the training and logistics, media and financing systems necessary to mobilize our returning unemployed service men directly into updating core U.S. systems revolving around food and energy first.

General Spiese had the same reaction that I had to Archi’s Acres, except he has spent his entire military career training and preparing young men and women to face much more daunting challenges.  He is the embodiment of what we are setting out to do with Veteran Job Corps and Archi’s Acres.

When we first met in his kitchen at the base nearby at Camp Pendleton, we engaged in a conversation about the incredible amount of money ($1 million each) invested in our service members.  Their youth, highly developed skillsets and shared history of tackling missions with precision and focus make them a highly valuable asset wherever they are.

Since General Spiese declared his intent to lead us in this mission privately, we have assembled a diverse and influential group of allies with an equally diverse group of skillsets.

This is the beginning and we’ve already been joined by Colonels, Captains, Sergeants as well as finance professionals, CEO’s and business leaders at startups, entrepreneurs, movie producers, military professionals and energy executives.

We cannot remove all of the world’s challenges, but we are taking the best practices of the Marines and mixing them with best practices in start-ups, finance and media to put our stake in the ground.  We are letting the world know that we will not stop, whether it’s our food security, our transportation systems, or our energy sources, our veterans are ready, willing and more than capable of leading all of us on this shared mission and shared vision.

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It’s been a productive year personally for show don’t tell, now imagine what is possible with VJC incubator and real teamwork from all of us in this mission so that we can take it forward they way we know needs it to be.  Thank you for your trust and welcome to the dance.

Onward and Upward!


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