When my good friend “Forager” Mike Hanes invited me to speak to a Zeitgeist gathering in San Diego this past spring, I figured I had better say yes. Mike is a former Recon Marine with multiple combat tours and I assume his methods for dealing with resistance aren’t pain-free.

Foraging with Forager Mike.
Foraging with Forager Mike.

Although I’m not a member of the Zeitgeist community myself and have a healthy distrust of movements in general, I enjoyed the chance to speak with a group of (mostly) young men and women interested in actively pursuing a better society based on abundance, transparency and laws and policies that are more responsive to our needs.

Check out my appearance at the event:


I realize that time is in short supply and heavy demand for all of us, but it’s hard to think of a better investment of this precious resource than time spent learning about issues and experiences from a broad variety of perspectives. If nothing else, tapping into the perspectives of a wider variety of groups and individuals has been shown to increase creativity, empathy and intelligence.

Sounds like time well spent to me.