The United States is completely dependent on Iran to restore order to the Middle East.

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The only country that could defeat ISIS is Iran. If you look at the dynamic that the United States created — by knocking out Saddam Hussein, by knocking out the Ba’athists, by creating the vacuum in the first place, by expressing our unadulterated ignorance when it comes to the architecture of the middle east, the Shia, the Sunni relationship– everything about that relationship we are now completely and utterly dependent on Iran and only Iran (backed by Russia, ironically) to come in and save the day at some point to clear ISIS out of that region.

The end game for the Middle East is very simple. You’re going to have a Sunni domain run by the Saudis. You are going to have a Shia domain run by the Iranians. The only question is, how many people have to die and how long is it going to take for all these other countries to evaporate in order to re-establish a dominant Iran versus a dominant Saudi Arabia?

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