If the United States is to see changes in its illegal laborer and immigration system, the people who complain about it need to start enforcing their thoughts with action by not support local businesses who employ illegal immigrants.

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A lot of folks talk about wanting to get illegals out of the country. Everybody wants to say “Oh, we’re going to build a wall. Oh, we need to– we’re losing our jobs to all these illegals.” Well the fact of the matter is, everybody in America was or is an immigrant at some point in their history. If you look through history, whether it’s the Italians, the Irish, the Germans, the Jews– you pick them– there’s not a single one of us that’s not an immigrant of some kind. And the current fact of the matter is very simple. The entire agricultural and hospitality industry is subsidized by cheap, illegal labor. And if you’re really so worried about illegal labor, then why don’t you start enforcing it with the owners of the hotels, the owners of the restaurants and the owners of the farms. And until you’re willing to do that this is just a political distraction and basic racism.

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