“Did you know that the Democratic and Republican party are the ones who determine who participates in our presidential debates? Not only do they determine who participates in the presidential debates, they determine who the moderator is going to be. This is nowhere in the US constitution. This is not a law of the US government. This is a private company, a private entity, that is owned by the Democratic Party and the Republican Party working together in collusion to ensure that only members of the democratic party and only members of the Republican Party will ever be given the national platform on national media to participate in a national presidential debate. How could that possibly ever be considered a democracy, particularly in the era of the internet where the amount of individuals and information that is accessible to the American people is at an all time high? And yet, a very small group of politicians in the Democratic and Republican Party collude to determine who can be in the presidential debate and who cannot. Someone needs to sue both of them for closing the rest of America out of the presidential process.”

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