America was founded on the belief that we could be far better than our European predecessors, who, rather than trapping capital inside of a small number of families– none of the custodians in those families having any capacity, authority, creativity, or incentive to do anything meaningful with that capital other than maintain their own lifestyles and deprive the economy of the use of that capital—America was built to be antithetical to that dynamic. America was built to create pools of capital that are liquid and available so that the best ideas in the world could be brought in against that capital and deployed to solve food systems, to solve transportation systems, to solve technology systems. That is the exact reason why we have an estate tax; in order to prevent dumb money and dumb people from being on top of huge pools of capital and in order to empower the best, the brightest, the most aggressive people in our economy the greatest opportunities to get their paws on resources so that they can solve our critical problems.

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