Much has been made about the rise and subsequent collapse of the Chinese stock market and as I’ve said in the past, more interesting than the collapse is the artificial inflation of the Chinese stock market. Of course, it’s going to come down after it’s margined and leveraged and pumped and dumped by the government to rise. But what about the US stock market? What about the rise in the US stock market since 2008 that was driven and continues to be driven by the quantitative easing and easy money policies of the Federal Reserve as a matter of national policy? Who is America to stand in judgement of other markets and other manipulations when our own central bank has been one of the most prolific manipulators of stock prices in the history of the modern world? I’m not saying the US stock market is going to have a collapse like we saw in China, but don’t be surprised when the artificially inflated assets of our real estate and stock market are forced to confront a very harsh reality as a result of our own central bank’s inability to keep control over an asset it never should have influenced in the first place.

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