“I have never met a single person who has become a rich person because they invested in a hedge fund. I have met people who became rich because they managed a hedge fund, and I’ve met people who were rich and then invested in a hedge fund. But I can utterly not explain why it is people are so enamored of hedge fund, and hedge fund investing when there is not a single individual that can be pointed to who became rich because they invested in a hedge fund. The entire thing literally reeks of a social manipulation of hedge fund managers selling the ambiance of security to people who are already rich in order to enrich the hedge fund manager while slowly –but not too fast — slowly sucking the money out of the rich person at just slow enough rates that the person never leaves. Kind of Like a leech that attaches themselves to somebody but only sucks so much blood that the person never removes the leech. That, as far as I can tell, is what a hedge fund manager is: a human financial leech.”

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