We all know that the Democrats and the Republicans are an organized syndicate who completely believe in centralized power over defense, energy, healthcare, education, down the line. That’s not a question. The majority of us already are in agreement that we do not want to participate in their little reindeer game. What is unclear to us is what our alternative is. And so, right now, it’s these radical, rebellious candidates– the Trumps and the Bernie Sanders– but that ultimately will fall by the wayside and doesn’t give us the best selection of actual, potential political candidates. Our only alternative is to do the hard work of organizing around an independent project for independent access for an independent presidential candidate that is selected from an independent presidential primary from a wide selection of potential great American leaders. This can be done. The internet can make it happen. We can fund it and the candidates exist. The motivation and fuel to make it happen is the carnival that the Democrat and Republican party has become. Their downfall, their chicanery, their carnival is the rocket fuel that will propel an independent presidential project in 2016.

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