It’s starting to look like between gerrymandering, poll testing, issue pandering and the vile influence of a few people’s money dominating our entire political system that we’re starting to see the play out of something called ultimatum game, which, I’m not sure you’re familiar with it, but I’d remind you very quickly in case you may have forgotten. The ultimatum game is a game in which one person decides what both people get. Think of it as five pieces or ten pieces of bread. And if I give you five pieces and I keep five pieces for myself, everybody is happy. I keep six, you get four, you’re not happy, but you’re not gonna blow up the whole game up. I keep seven, you keep three now you start to get very irritated with me. Now the counter-party, you, in this instance, has one option, which is either to accept what I give you no matter what or blow the whole thing up so neither of us get anything. It is irrational because one or two or three pieces of bread is better than no pieces of bread. But the whole point of the ultimatum game is that if you abuse people and their intelligence too much they would sooner burn the place to the ground then take a bad deal. Even if it’s against their own self interest. And that’s what we’re seeing play out here because the political system has become so abusive to so many people you’re starting to see actual decisions that are counter on the maximum level to your own interests being played out simply to try to bring the entire thing to its knees.

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