The thing to understand when it comes to our trade relations with China is this: we manufacture, or American companies manufacture, a wide varieties of goods and services inside the nation of China. China then provides us relatively cheap manufacturing services. That should be a reasonable international trade agreement. But it is corrupted by the fact that the Chinese peg their currency, which means that they are keeping the cost of production in China distinctly lower than it would otherwise be. So, the natural balancing of increased demand for mat production in China should be the Chinese currency rising which would then make the cost of production go up which would then cause production to come back to America, or at least become more competitive. The Chinese do not want that to happen nor, more importantly, do the US multinationals that manufacture in China, which is why they lobby, US multinationals lobby American politicians to encourage, or at least tolerate, the Chinese currency rigging. That, once you understand it, is outrageous.

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