Make no mistake about it; the destiny for investment, the destiny for enterprise, the destiny for public services all revolves around tax policy. Taxes is not just about how much you pay the government. Tax incentives and tax penalties dictate the flow of money, the flow of capital, the flow of investment into everything that is in our society whether it’s private sector investment, public sector investment, whether it’s the way you spend your money or the way you invest your money. Taxes dictate the destiny for money, which is why it is outrageous that there is such a lack of specificity among every person running for President of the United States when that is the single most significant thing that the president can influence after our national defense. When you see lobbyists paying money, when you see bribes going into Washington D.C., nine times out of ten they’re going in for a tax favor. Understand that and hold every presidential candidate this primary season to a higher standard and demand to know with precision: what is their tax policy? Whether it’s income, capital gains, estate, consumption, I don’t care. If you can’t talk about taxes, you can’t be the President of the United States.

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