Non-profits, governments, philanthropists, it doesn’t matter. They’ve all got a cause. Facebook, The Gates Foundation, The United Nations, you pick it. But at the end of the day, there are only two issues that exist in this world for all human beings. One, is our economics: poverty, or the lack thereof. And two, health: you either have it or you don’t. So everything that you think about through the lens of philanthropy, through the lens of government, through the lens of a non-profit should be filtered down to just those two essential issues. You’re in favor of jobs? That’s an anti-poverty initiative. You’re in favor of education? That’s an anti-poverty initiative. You’re in favor of ending food deserts? That’s a health initiative. You’re in favor of more green vegetables for schools and reducing diabetes? That’s a health initiative. Whatever Gates may say, whatever Zuckerberg may say, whatever the United Nations’ Ban Ki-moon may say about all their little various programs and their eighteen powerpoint plans, understand this; every single issue in this world from jobs to education to little green vegetables and sugar boils down to two issues that plague our entire planet. Either you are stricken with poverty and burdened by that or you are not. And either you are stricken with lack of health or you are given the blessings of health. So judge every single non-profit or government program or philanthropic program that has ever presented through that simple lens and you will find your life gets much simpler as you evaluate those who are truly looking to resolve our issues and those who are just talking about it.

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