You have to understand we’re in the middle of one of the most fundamental transitions in the history of the world. It’s at least as fundamental as the transition from the agrarian economy of the late 1800s to the industrial economy of the early 1900s. People moving from the farm to the city. The transition now, obviously, [is] digital. That’s tangible in the sense that, ok, you use your handheld device or you can call anybody on a cell phone, but there’s something more fundamental than that. What it represents is a decentralization of every aspect of our lives. Whether it’s content, consumption and production– you watch your YouTube videos, I watch my YouTube videos– or whether it’s electricity production or whether it’s actually the banking system. Any aspect of our lives is now in the process of decentralization, which is incredibly empowering for us as we enter this era of adaptability and experimentation. But it’s remarkably threatening to the legacy infrastructure, at least as threatening as the industrial transition was to the horse and buggy guys. And that is why you are seeing such a desperate political culture in America right now. As they cling to their ideology of centralized power in the face of sand slipping through their fingers as we transition to a decentralized world.

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