The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms inside the construct of a well regulated militia. The Constitution also guarantees my right and your right to domestic tranquility. There is no situation on the planet earth where the free unregulated flow of high performance firearms, machine guns basically, does anything to secure anybody, or to create any domestic tranquility for anyone of us. And there is nothing unconstitutional about regulating the availability of any weapon to anybody at anytime. In fact, it is unconstitutional to not regulate it when the second amendment mandates that it be well regulated and that mine and your domestic tranquility be protected. Do not kid yourself, there is nothing constitutional about the free flow of weapons that is murdering our friends, our family, and our fellow citizens, everyday, in every city, in every state, in this country. It is pathetic, it is an embarrassment, and it must be changed and there is nothing unconstitutional about regulating guns in America.

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