Dylan Ratigan is a veteran of financial and cable news, a New York Times best-selling author, filmmaker and impact entrepreneur.
An expert in the global financial system, Ratigan ran Corporate Finance globally at Bloomberg LP, before leaving to serve nine years as a host and show creator at CNBC and MSNBC.
Ratigan left broadcasting in 2012 to invest directly in the efforts to finance, design and implement the shift in global infrastructure and resources. In 2013, he founded Helical Holdings to integrate and design water, food, energy and communication systems into a globally portable unit capable of operating on only sun and water.
In that time, Ratigan visited more the 50 nations from Myanmar to Boliva developing relationships and learning local realities in the face of both disaster and abundance. In the process, he witnessed first hand the critical need to adapt in order to avert disaster, and sees the opportunity to change local infrastructure sustainably to evolve communities in a rapidly shifting environment.
Ratigan is a partner and advisor at Helical Holdings, Epiphany Srl, Unbranded Pictures, The SOIL Fund, Golden Triangle Industrial Hemp Company, Hotel Planner and Prosperise Asset Management.