Podcast: The Shift

Facing a rigged and broken political system, we’re at a very specific point in history. We feel a “shift” all around us – whether it’s in our jobs, in our communities, and even in government – and the rate of change can be uncomfortably rapid. This fast rate of change means opportunities for using new tools to embrace “the shift” and engineer things positively for our future. Check out this podcast where Dylan dives into “the shift” and what it means for NY-21.



There’s No Such Thing As Free Trade

When it comes to free trade… there’s nothing “free” about it.  From the costs we pay here in the U.S. with cuts to American manufacturing, to the human costs of exporting cheap labor overseas, we all pay for these trade deals in one way or another.

These are deals often done behind closed doors. They do a lot to benefit American multinational companies, but leave working Americans with low wages and disappearing employment opportunities.

And when those big multinationals benefit from cheap offshore labor, they don’t pay the price for the loss of manufacturing that comes with that free trade agreement. Then, they finance our political system to finance those rules on both sides of the aisle.

Who pays the price if they don’t?  We do.

And the fact of the matter is, it’s only when we admit the truth about free trade that we can begin a real conversation.  It’s an urgent one that’s needed – how to respect people in a way that gives them good jobs at a time when the economic shift in the world is bigger than trade agreements.  And it is only by discussing where we’re at that we can begin to move forward and repair our economy for a better tomorrow.


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