Thank you for joining our adventure to develop tools of hope and community development.  In an era of broken politics, we aim to inspire and manifest sustainable solutions.

Since we first shared the Helical story of decentralized, stable, abundant and clean resources, Helical Outposts have been used to create jobs, improve health, teach science, technology, engineering & math. We have been engaged by people across the world who share our belief that global security is achieved through sustainability.

Domestically, we are working with several large companies who are developing programs to employ veterans across America.  It’s inspiring to see how strong the interest is in securing our future with sustainable agribusiness.

Even global religious groups like the International Interfaith Peace Corps are looking to us to help them realize their vision for faith in the 21st century as a means for security and development.

We are overwhelmed by the reaction to the recent feature in the New York Times, and are learning everyday about people’s willingness to invest in a solution that can support a decentralized, resilient global network of power, water, food and communications.

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Stay tuned because we are just starting to make an impact and the best is yet to come!

Onward and Upward

Dylan Ratigan

Helical Holdings